8. 失敗 – A mistake

Let’s read Japanese essays. Today’s topic is “失敗 – A mistake”




Recently, a person who was in the elevator with me said to me “osakini” when I was about to get out. I thought this mean that I could get off first, and I ended up stepping on that person’s foot while rushing to get out.

I later learned that “osakini” means that the person speaking should go first, while “osakini dozo”means that the listener should go first. Also, I am told that expressions like “kekko desu” or “daijobu desu” might also be considered impolite if used wrongly. Greetings in Japanese are difficult. I suppose that you realize your mistake right away, you are always on time to apologize.


 kanji  hiragana  meaning
失敗 しっぱい mistake
この間 この間 recently
エレベーター エレベーター elevator
急ぐ いそぐ to hurry
踏む ふむ to step on
間違える まちがえる to get wrong
しかた しかた way of doing
気づく きづく to notice
謝る あやまる to apologize


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