【JLPT N4 Grammar】〜てくる(go and come back)


"go and come back"

This sentence pattern indicates that the speaker is going to go somewhere to do something and come back.

V(te form)+ くる

JLPT Level

Sample sentenes

ちょっと コンビニへ みずを てきます
I will go to the convenience store to buy water (and come back.)

とうさん、おかあさん、学校がっこうに てきます
Mom, Dad, I will go to school (and come back).

ちょっと お手洗てあらいに てきます
I will go to the restroom for a little bit (and come back).

教室きょうしつに 教科書きょうかしょを わすれたので、ちょっと てきます
I forgot my textbook in the classroom, so I will go there to get it (and come back).

ルイさん おそいですね。ちょっと 電話でんわてきます
Louie is late, isnt he? I will go out to make a phone call (and come back).

ジョンさん まだ もどってこないですね。ちょっと てきます
John hasnt come back yet, hasnt he? I will check around a little (and come back).


Japanese English
おてあらい restroom
きょうしつ classroom
わすれる to forget
もどる to return