【JLPT N5 Grammar】The particle "に"


① time of action
② the goal toward which things or people move
③ existence
④ direction of an action
⑤ purpose of movement
⑥ change

JLPT Level

Sample sentenes

1. time of action

毎日まいにち 10 ます。
I sleep at 10 oclock every day.

明日あした 9 えきで いましょう。
Lets meet at 9 oclock at the station tomorrow.

がつ くにへ かえります。
I will go back to my country in March

2. the goal toward which things or people move

来週らいしゅう 京都きょうと きます。
I will go to Kyoto next week

今日きょうは ねつが ありますから 学校がっこう きません。
I will not go to school because I have a fever today.

バスで うち かえります。
I will go home by bus.

3. existence

※coming soon

4. purpose of movement


Japanese English
えき station
くに country
かえる to return
ねつ fever