【JLPT N4 Grammar】〜たばかりだ


This indicates that an action has just been completed or an event has occurred and time has not passed very much. However this expression is subjective, so even the words such as “one year“, “6 months” can be used if the speaker feels like the time is short.

V(ta form) + ばかりだ

JLPT Level

Sample sentenes

わたしは 日本にほんに た ばかりなので、なにも わかりません。
I've just come to Japan, so I don't understand anything yet.

この くつは 先週せんしゅうった ばかりなので、まだきれいです。
These shoes are still clean because I just bought them last week.

さっき ごはんを べたばかりなのに もうおなかが すきました。
Even though I just ate dinner earlier, I'm already hungry again.

まだ 日本語にほんごを ならはじめたばかりなので 全然ぜんぜん はなせません。
I've just started learning Japanese, so I can't speak at all.

昨日きのう おぼえたばかりの 単語たんごを もうわすれてしまった。
I already forgot the vocabulary words I just learned yesterday.

これは 昨日きのう ったばかりの スマホです。
This is the smartphone I just bought yesterday.


Japanese English
おぼえる to memorize
たんご vocabulary
スマホ smart phone