Nは どうですか  /  N1は どんなN2ですか。

Nは どうですか。

This question is used to ask an impression or an opinion about a thing, place or person, etc., that the listener has experienced, visited or met.


(1) How is the life in Japan?
  → Nihon no seekatsu wa dōdesuka.  日本にほんの せいかつは どうですか


(2) How is the philippine’s food.
  → Kankoku no tabemono wa dōdesuka.  韓国かんこくの たべものは どうですか


N1は どんなN2ですか。

When the speaker wants the listener to describe or explain N1, this question pattern is used. N2 denotes the category N1 belongs to. The interrogative “donna” is always followed by a noun.


(1) What kind of town is Manila?
  → Manila wa donna machi desu ka.  マニラは どんな まちですか。


(2) What kind of food is takoyaki?
  → Takoyaki wa donna tabemono desu ka.  たこやきは どんな たべものですか。