【JLPT N4 Grammar】〜にくい(〜nikui)


"difficult to do"

This sentence pattern is used when expressing that it is difficult to carry out the action or an action is unlikely to occur.

V(masu form)ます + にくい

JLPT Level

Sample sentenes

この さかなは ほねが おおくて にくいです。
This fish is difficult to eat because it has many bones.

この くつは ちょっと あるにくいです。
This pair shoes are a little difficult to wear to work.

この ほんは 文字もじが ちいさくて にくいです。
The letters in this book are small, so it is difficult to read.

ドアが ふるくて にくいです。
This door is old so its difficult to open.

うしろの せきに すわったので 黒板こくばんの 文字もじが にくいです。
Since I took a seat at the back, it is difficult to see the letters on the black board.

田中先生たなかせんせいの 授業じゅぎょうは わかりにくいです。
Mr. Tanakas class is difficult to understand.


Japanese English
さかな fish
ほね bone
くつ shoes
あるく to walk
もじ character
あける to open
せき seat
こくばん blackboard
じゅぎょう class